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Interconference rivalries[edit]Boston Celtics vs. It has been called the greatest rivalry in NBA history. They would go on to dominate the league in the 1.

The rivalry had been less intense since the retirements of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the early 1. Finals for the first time since 1.

Celtics winning the series 4- 2. They faced off again in the 2. NBA Finals, which the Lakers won in 7 games. The two teams have won the two highest numbers of championships, the Celtics 1.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons[edit]This rivalry is between the Lakers and Pistons. All- Star filled Lakers against the blue collar, team- first oriented Pistons.

Detroit, despite being the underdog in all 3 of their Finals between Los Angeles, enjoyed success, and claimed the NBA title twice.

The rivalry has been most intense during the late 1. During this period, the teams have met each other in the NBA Finals 3 times; in 1. The Lakers took the series in 1.

Sixers won the series in 1. The rivalry was dormant during the rest of the 1. However, the rivalry made a comeback in the 2.

The Lakers however would take the next four games to win the series. The rivalry has cooled since then with both the Sixers and Lakers going through rebuilding periods.

Sixer fans also have their own rivalry with Laker's player Kobe Bryant. This rivalry started in the 2. New York Knicks[edit]Two of the only remaining teams from the original 1.

NBA the other is the Golden State Warriors, who, while in Philadelphia, were rivals with both teams; both rivalries died once the Warriors moved west.

The fact that Boston and New York City are only 1. Knicks winning the first 3 series in 1. Boston beat the Knicks in the playoffs for the first time in 1.

The next two playoff meetings took place in 1. Celtics winning both times. They met in 1. Knicks won two out of the 3 series against the Celtics.

They met again in the 1. Larry Bird and Bernard King led their teams in a hotly contested series that ended with a Boston win at home in Game 7 the home team won every game en route to the Celtics' 1.

Their next meeting was in the 1. Eastern Conference First Round, where the Knicks lost in 4. The teams met again in 1.

They met once more in 2. The most recent meeting between the two teams was in the first round of the 2. The rivalry began to heat up in the 2.

Eastern Conference Finals, which was preceded by trash talking from the Celtics[9] who claimed Martin was a "fake" tough guy.

Things progressed as the series started, and on- court tensions seemed to spill into the stands. Celtic fans berated Kidd and his family with chants of "Wife Beater!

When asked about the fan barbs being traded, Kenyon Martin stated, "Our fans hate them, their fans hate us. Rondo was suspended for two games in the aftermath, while Wallace and Kevin Garnett were fined.

The story was revisited on December 2. Wallace grabbed Garnett's shorts and the two had to be broken up by referees and players alike. However, the rivalry between the Nets and the Celtics appeared significantly cooled off by the June 2.

This move was billed as a merger of the two Atlantic Division teams. Celtics announcer Sean Grande said "It's almost as if you found a great home for these guys.

You couldn't have found a better place. These guys will be in the New York market, they'll be on a competitive team, they'll stay on national TV.

It's funny, because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So with Celtics fans feeling the way they do about the Heat, feeling the way they do about the Knicks, the Nets are going to become almost the second [Boston] team now.

However, the two teams would not meet in the playoffs until 2. Seven years later, the two teams would meet once again in the First Round, where the series would end in Game 7, after a game- saving block by Paul Pierce, giving the Nets the 1.

Ujiri later apologized at halftime. Rapper Jay- Z, who is an avid supporter of the Nets, and rapper Drake, who is the "global ambassador" of the Raptors, also adds a celebrity aspect to this rivalry.

New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets were a charter member of the American Basketball Association. The team played on Long Island from 1.

These fees forced the Nets to renege on a promised raise to Julius Erving, and they were forced to trade him to the 7.

As a result, the Nets went from defending ABA champions to an also- ran almost overnight. The teams have met 3 times in the playoffs, the Knicks won in 1.

Thus one of the nicknames given so far include the "Clash of the Boroughs". Like the Knicks and Nets, the Giants and Dodgers played in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and were fierce intra- division rivals.

New York Rangers even further. It was the first game show produced by the Mark Goodson- Bill Todman partnership. The series was originally hosted by Ward Wilson, but is best known for being the first game hosted by Bill Cullen.

Although the game format was very simple, Winner Take All served as the genesis for many future game- show formats. It was the first game to use lockout devices, and the first to use returning champions.

The first contestant to sound their signal and give the right answer to the question would score one point, with a wrong answer giving the opponent a free guess.

The first player to score three points won the game and a prize, then stayed on to face another challenger. Original emcee Ward Wilson stepped down after just three months at the helm, and announcer Bill Cullen stepped in as a temporary host on September 9.

Cullen's work on the show stunned executives, who made his hosting job permanent. Bud Collyer as host. Get links to your favorite show pages.

Terms and jargon specific to the game of backgammon with definitions. From the talent act that made a game show host rethink his entire career to the woman who was punched in the face by a fellow contestant, check out this 9.

The radio series continued with Cullen for another two years, with Collyer taking over in August 1. The televised Winner, while popular, bowed on October 3, 1.

CBS daytime[edit]The network refused to give up on a popular format, however, and attempted a second television run for its daytime schedule.

Debuting on February 1. Family Feud is a long-running game show with a rich history. In the show returned in syndication with Louie more less.

PM with radio personality Barry Gray as emcee, this iteration aired for 4. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the show aired for a half- hour and was paired with Bride and Groom.

PM; its replacement, the soap opera Miss Susan, did not do very well but nonetheless managed to beat Winner by enough in the ratings. Lewis and the 4.

Winner bowed from the television airwaves once again on April 2. AM, struck a deal with Goodson- Todman to air a new daytime version with Cullen returning as emcee.

Debuting on February 2. Wikimedia Commons During a appearance on 'Press Your Luck', Larson set the record for most money won during a daytime game show when.

It was the first game show produced by the Mark Goodson-Bill Todman. On the days that Godfrey aired at 1. Winner did not fare well.

On April 7, CBS permanently slotted a program at 1. Winner ended on April 2. Matinee in New York, which aired at 4: Matinee ended on September 5, 1. CBS tried a revival for their daytime schedule with Sonny Fox as host.

The rules were a bit different, in that the champion chose from one of ten categories, then wagered all or part of their previous winnings.

Episode status[edit]Both the radio and television versions are believed to have been destroyed as per network practices.

Of the radio series, only three episodes hosted by Cullen are known to exist. Only two episodes of Gray's version exist, from April 1.

Cullen's version fared better, with four episodes surviving February 2. March 5, and a fourth episode with a more elaborate set.

These six episodes have been seen on GSN at one time or another. No Wilson, Collyer, or Matinee- era episodes are known to exist.

However, the May 1. If you know we playing or not.. End Game 5" being the one anniversary episode. This makes sense as WWE '1. Europe on 2 November of that year.

Of course, it's far more than that. Like "real" wrestling it is filled with storylines, rivalries and theatrics, but, unlike "real" wrestling, few if any of the fight results are actually scripted, leading to strange twists and upsets that would never happen in the real world.

And, since the backgrounds and abilities of the characters don't necessarily transfer over into the ring, some very strange things can happen.

A Saiyan can be a jobber, Raphael can be a heel, and Gabe Newell can fight and in some cases win a bout with Ganon.

Yet through it all, those watching the broadcast some live streams have had nearly 5,0. Over the course of the show's history, there have been seven shows within the VGCW universe: The first season, entitled "The Little Mc.

Mahon Saga", aired from November to late December of 2. The feud ended with Little Mac turning against Mc. Mahon and shortly afterwards getting hit by a car.

The season ended on the next episode with a Christmas Special. Season 2, "Turnabout Turnbuckle", went from January to early February 2.

Phoenix Wright's investigations of who was behind the shocking events at the end of the previous season, while Bazza Mc. Mahon and his crew - including a mysterious green- clad masked man known as "Mr.

L" - try to stop him. Mahon was arrested and his crew dissolved, with Mr. L going on a rampage that was only stopped when Mario arrived and restored his memories, revealing Mr.

L to be Luigi. Season 3,"The Great Tournament", began on 1. Season 4, "Wrestlevania" dealt with the dictatorial rule of Dracula, the fallout of his takeover, and how it affects some of the most notable superstars in the VGCW.

The season finale, "End Game 4", was shown on 2 June 2. Season 5, "Dragon Brawl", began on 1. He is a multi-time WWE Champion winning ….

Levesque was born in Nashua, New Hampshire. In this season, Nappa was hunting down the Dragon Balls to wish Vegeta back to life, while various other wrestlers hunt them for their own reasons; Eggman and Wily for world domination, Adam and Gabe to "stop the evildoers" in reality, Adam wanted to wish Gabe and Safety Valve out of his life , and Wario and Waluigi for money.

The season ended with "End Game 5" on 5 November 2. Nappa and Flint succeeded in collecting all seven Dragon Balls, only for Kefka to steal them from Nappa and use them to ascend to godhood and kill Shenron himself.

The combined forces of the eight ball- hunting wrestlers was almost enough to stop him, but in the end Shenron's spirit offered Nappa one final wish, which he used to bring Vegeta back to life and turn the tables on the jester, defeating him and removing his deity status.

Bazza switching to the significantly- improved WWE 2. Season 6, "The Phoenix Cross", debuted on 1.

This season has Phoenix Wright and Solid Snake feuding against each other, especially since the former has been hearing the voice that haunted him in Season 4 again, and this time he's more obedient to its demands.

The season ended on 4 February 2. The voice haunting Phoenix, and directly responsible for the events of Seasons 2 through 6 by having Phoenix run over Mac, was an alternate Phoenix Wright, who wanted to destroy every known Solid Snake in existence.

Phoenix Wrong" was stopped by the real Phoenix, and banished to another dimension, finally ending the madman's story. In addition to all this, a special newcomers- only King of the Ring tournament called Star Road was held on 2.

The complete DVD set is a comprehensive, level one, training program for beginners and intermediate Jiu-Jitsu practiti.

Sixteen competitors fought for just one spot on the main roster. In the end, only one left standing: Season 7, "The Ring Rangers" debuted on 1.

The season ended on 1. Ring Ranger invasion as Johnny Cage is tasked with finding the elusive 'Soldier Black' to prove his innocence in the whole affair.

Meanwhile, the Practice seem to be putting their Master Plan into motion as they have begun building an army consisting of wrestlers that have been abducted and converted into cyborgs.

Protoman leads the charge against the cyborgs but his efforts seem to be in vain. The season concluded on September 1. Practice set their sights on their ultimate target: However after the roboticized Chief Arino goes rogue and gets a massive power boost allowing him to brutalize the GM, a terrified Gaben unleashes his latent potential and becomes a nightmarish force.

Adam was about to take the position since he was Gabe's vice GM, but as soon as he's about to announce it, Baz Mc. He then denies Adam the spot, followed by announcing that instead the VGCW will hold a second tournament to determine who will take Gabe's spot.

The season ended on February 1. Nightmare Gabe will continue to be a threat going into the next season, having defeated a powered- up Ganon in the ring at End Game 9.

Unlike the last tournament, this one actually reached its conclusion, with the winner being to the absolute shock of everyone, Gary Oak.

During this time, the second Star Road was announced, which occurred on February 3rd. In the end, the winner was Zubaz, earning himself a spot on the roster.

VGCW scene and challenging the more established veterans. At the same time, someone had began threatening various wrestlers backstage and Travis found himself at the center of the controversy.

All while the threat of Nightmare Gabe, who has threatened to kill every living being on Earth unless he could be defeated lingers.

Bazza had announced that this would be his last season as showrunner for the main roster, with his successor announced to be former Home host The.

The season concluded on June 9, 2. Illidan leaves Gary and enters a feud with Armstrong, culminating in a brutal Iron Man match that saw the Senator squeak out a 9- 8 victory at the last second.

Dante is revealed to be the one behind the threatening messages and attacks as part of an attempt to frame Travis. Travis defeats him to settle their feud, only to find himself once again tag teaming with him on Gary's orders.

Shark Attack, debuted on July 1. After the numerous threats to the world VGCW has caused, the company is under fire from British Parliament and forced to move out of its current ring in England.

Take the company on a trip to an unnamed island for a Beach Episode, of course! In stark contrast to the previous seasons involving world- threatening forces, this season decides to take a breather and just have some fun with the cast getting involved in shenanigans on the beach while still fighting for the titles..

While they're dealing with the Game. What gaming computer desk is the best for you and your family? Review top 8 of the Best computer desks and read buying guide to find the best desk.

How to Build a 'Cheap' Gaming Computer. When it comes to computer gaming hardware, better parts mean higher resolutions and higher frame rates.

Better parts also entail higher costs, so unless you need to. High Tech - News, Reviews and Tests. Samsung announced a new low- end Chromebook in its lineup, the Chromebook 3, which is expected to arrive early this year with a dual- core Intel Celeron chip, an 1.

Late last week, Microsoft approached me to see if I would be interested in working with them and with Futuremark on the release of the new 3.

As we get all the more closer to the release of Fallout 4, it appears that Bethesda is making sure people. This new feature test from Futuremark, which will be integrated into an upcoming 3DMark release, measures API performance by looking at.

Provides extranet privacy to clients making a range of tests and surveys available to their human resources departments. Companies can test prospective and current.

Broadband Internet Speed Test. Of course I jumped at the chance, with Direct. Microsoft set us up with the latest iteration of 3.

DMark and the latest DX1. The feature test will be a part of the next revision of 3. DMark, which will likely ship in time with the full Windows 1. Futuremark claims that it is the "world's first independent" test that allows you to compare the performance of three different APIs: It was almost one year ago that Microsoft officially unveiled the plans for Direct.

Josh wrote up a solid editorial on what we believe DX1. PC gaming, that you should check out if you want more background on the direction DX1.

The most direct benefit of this, as we saw with AMD's Mantle implementation over the past couple of years, is improved quantity of draw calls that a given hardware system can utilize in a game engine.

Continue reading our overview of the new 3. Draw calls are, in a concise way of putting it, a request from the CPU and the game engine running on it to draw and render an object.

There are typically thousands of draw calls being placed every frame in a modern game but each of those requests adds a level of overhead to the system, limiting performance in some extreme cases.

As that draw call count rises, game engines can become limited by that API overhead. The effect is one clearly shown by Stardock and the Oxide Engine - a game without draw call overhead limits can immediately, and drastically, change how a game functions and how a developer can create new and exciting experiences.

This new feature test from Futuremark, which will be integrated into an upcoming 3. DMark release, measures API performance by looking at the balance between frame rates and draw calls.

At a high level, here is how the test works: Once that occurs, it keeps that draw call count and measures frame rates for 3 seconds.

It then computes the draw calls per second frame rate multiplied by draw calls per frame and the result is displayed for the user. In order to ensure that the API is the bottleneck in this test, the scene is built procedurally with unique geometries that have an indexed mesh of 1.

There is no post- processing and the shaders are very simple to make sure the GPU is not a primary bottleneck. There are three primary tests the application runs through for all hardware, and a fourth if you have Mantle- capable AMD hardware.

That balance leaves one dedicated core for the display driver. They divide the draw calls even between the total thread count.

Our test system was built around the following hardware: ME and a Sapphire R9 2. AMD we used 1. For our GTX 9. X results, you'll see a number of scores.

The Haswell- E processor was run in its stock state 8 cores, Hyper. Threading on to get baseline numbers but we also started disabling cores on the CPU in order to get some idea of the drop off as we reduce the amount of processor horsepower available to Direct.

As you'll no doubt see, six cores appears like it will be plenty to maximize draw call capability. Let's digest our results. First on the bench is the Ge.

Even using the best- case for Direct. M draw calls per second, which is an increase of nearly 6x! While you should definitely not expect to see 6x improvements in gaming performance when DX1.

CPU headroom that the new API offers means that developers can be beginning planning next- generation game engines accordingly.

For our core count reduction, we see that 8 cores with Hyper. C with no HT and 6. C without HT all result in basically the same maximum draw call throughput.

Once we drop to 4. C, we decrease the peak draw call rate by nearly 2. A move to a dual- core system falls to 7.

M draw calls per second, resulting in another 7. Finally, at 1- core, the draw calls hit only 4. We will still need to test other CPU platforms to see how they handle both CPU core and CPU clock speed scaling but it appears that even high end quad- core rigs will have more than enough performance headroom to stretch DX1.

Our results with the Radeon R9 2. X in the same platform look similar. M draw calls per second. That shouldn't surprise us: Clearly the current implementation of drivers from AMD is doing quite well, besting the maximum draw count rate of the GTX 9.

M per second or so. That said, comparisons across GPU platforms at this point is less relevant than you might think. More on that later. UP when given the full 8- cores on the Core i.

I also did some testing with a couple of more mainstream GPUs: The results here are more than a bit surprising: The green bar is the stock performance of our platform with the GTX 9.

At stock settings, the GTX 9. However, with a modest overclock on the mainstream card, we were able to record a DX1. Now, clearly we do not and will never expect the in- game performance of the GTX 9.

No game available today shows that kind of difference - in fact we would expect the GTX 9. Exactly why we see this scale so high with the overclocked GPU is still an unknown - we have asked Microsoft and Futuremark for some insight.

Of course we ran the Radeon R9 2. In this case we did not see the drastic increase in draw call rate with the overclocked R9 2. X and R9 2.

K APU benefits from a 7. That should improve game performance for properly written DX1. Though minimal in quantity compared to the grand scheme of things we want to test with, the results we are showing here today paint a very positive picture about the future of Direct.

Since the announcement of Mantle from AMD and its subsequent release in a couple of key titles, the move to an API with less overhead and higher efficiency has been clamored for by enthusiasts, developers and even hardware vendors.

Microsoft stepped up the plate, willing to sacrifice so much of what made Direct. X a success the past to pave a new trail with Direct.

Country Music Lyrics Volume 2 with Chords. Will The Circle Be Unbroken? Chords by George Jones Learn to play guitar by chord and tabs and use our crd diagrams, transpose the key and more.

Quick acoustic and vocal cover sorry for the laryngitis of Kaleida's song Think, from the John Wick Soundtrack.

Cool combo of rhythm, synth and vocals. Artist Song; Steven Tyler: Red White And You: Guitar chords and lyrics made easy. Search, view and store your chords on your desktop, smartphone and tablet.

I didn't even try to surf from the Sheraton last night -- and not really today. I opened the laptop up in the lobby and started picking up a wireless network named "Sheraton," but the signal was very weak and intermittent.

The hotel staff had no idea what I was talking about when I asked -- they kept pointing me to the "business center," where there was no wireless coverage at all.

I finally found a place on the mezzanine level where the signal was strong enough, but I never did figure out where the coverage was supposed to be centered.

I'm now in the lobby of the Sheraton, waiting to meet the Insta-Wife, who had a meeting here this morning, too. I'm using the phantom Sheraton wireless, which comes and goes for no obvious reason and doesn't seem to cover the lobby.

More blogging later -- in the meantime, check out Geitner Simmons' new home and read his post on the New York Times' inexplicable failure to cover Sen.

Charles Schumers federal election law problems. It's true the Iraqis misbehaved and had no credibility but that doesn't necessarily mean that they were in the wrong.

It could have been bad brinkmanship. Saddam could have misjudged and read about the demonstrations in London, Paris, here and thought they won't dare to go after me.

Matt Howell is unimpressed with Blix's interview. In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program.

He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including Al Qaeda members, though there is apparently no evidence of his involvement in the terrible events of September 11, It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.

Should he succeed in that endeavor, he could alter the political and security landscape of the Middle East, which as we know all too well affects American security.

You'll have to go here to find out. Meanwhile Pyrojection notes some self-serving historical revisionism on Hans Blix's part.

Shame on all of them. Computer-spine is on the run! On a more serious note, I've seen a certain amount of jealousy and grousing about this around the Blogosphere er, Sullivan's ten grand, not my yoga strap , and I'm not sure why.

You can blog for the money -- in which case you should be very glad that Andrew is raising the bar, and generating a general sense that it's okay to donate.

Or you can blog for fun, in which case why should you care if he's getting some bucks out of it? I don't try to make money from this site because 1 I have a day job; 2 this is a hobby; and 3 I'm afraid that -- as with Tom Sawyer and the whitewashed fence -- this would cease to be fun if I tried to turn it into a job.

I appreciate the donations to the site which, beyond bandwidth charges, in general go for fun gadgets, software, etc.

People who like your stuff enough to send money outweigh any number who send nasty emails for free. It's different for Andrew, who's actually making a living.

Hobbyist-bloggers shouldn't care that he's making money. Journalists and would-be pro-bloggers should be ecstatic that he is. I don't see why anyone should be upset about it.

Roger Simon has some comments on selling his book online via the blog. The Insta-Wife has had an interesting experience.

She's pitching her documentary to TV outlets while also selling it online, which gets a revenue stream going and helps demonstrate its viability.

It's also interesting -- and here's where the tie-in with Roger's post comes in -- that how it sells via the web isn't very strongly correlated with traffic.

I've plugged her film here and on GlennReynolds. A hundred pageviews by people who are seriously interested are worth more than thousands of pageviews by people whose interest is only casual.

I think that cottage industry will do very well via the web, but the missing link is still putting the interested people together with things that they're interested in.

I suspect that niche-marketing publications like Gizmodo may go along way toward filling the gap. In this case, though, the press told us that, in a crushing loss for western civilization, , artifacts were stolen.

Yes, some of the booty was later returned, but , items? Maybe Don Rumsfeld was right that TV kept showing the same vase being carried away over and over.

We're sure various news outlets have mentioned it, but certainly not with enough frequency to correct the impression left by the earlier hyped reports.

This hasn't exactly been a staple of cable TV. The news business has just sort of moved on without even murmuring an apology. And that means that a lot of us will trust them a lot less, next time.

That said, this AP estimate of Iraqi civilian deaths 3, is probably in the ballpark, though with Saddam's fedayeen fighting in civilian garb, etc.

Here's a FrontPage Magazine symposium on that very topic. What's worse is that most world conflagrations start, one way or another, with France.

Merde in France has posted some photos from last night's demonstrations, and via email sends this observation: Predictably, the demonstrations turned violent yesterday evening.

The government has yielded to the teachers' unions on some points, and now the unions smell blood at the first sign of weakness. Renewed demonstrations are called for tomorrow and I expect that things will turn violent again by the end of the day.

This entire process will end up as it always does. The government will give in enough so that both sides will claim victory and France will hobble on as always.

It's worked so many times before that there is absolute denial as to the fact that France cannot hobble on much longer. I was in Paris yesterday Tuesday until our flight at In hindsight, it was obvious that there was going to be trouble because at 9: We were staying about 8 blocks down from the Place de la Concorde -- where some of the riots were.

We just missed the strike the week before Tuesday because that was the day we flew in, and we just had a tour that afternoon nice and quiet. Tourism is very much down there in Paris, several people commented on it including our tour guide to Versailles.

Here are photos of the Paris riots, from Xinhua. Saddam's last novel -- "Get out of here, curse you! It never saw the light of day. It was written sometime in ," said Ali Abdel-Amir, a writer who has analyzed Saddam's books.

Abdel-Amir said Saddam did not write the books himself but got a committee from the Information and Culture Ministry to do it for him.

It would go back and forth until the novel got his approval. The administration was clear from the get-go: Iraq was part of the Axis, and the Axis had to go down.

Each part would be sundered as circumstances permitted. The destruction of the fascist regime in Baghdad would be the object lesson for the region, the proof that America had a new mission: Extirpating the flaming nutballs and the societies that nurture them.

He has some advice, too. Harold Pinter is still an idiot: The playwright Harold Pinter last night likened George W Bush's administration to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, saying the US was charging towards world domination while the American public and Britain's "mass-murdering" prime minister sat back and watched.

Pinter, 72, was at the National Theatre in London to read from War, a new collection of his anti-war poetry that had been published in the press in response to events in Iraq.

In conversation on stage with Michael Billington, the Guardian's theatre critic, Pinter said the US government was the most dangerous power that had ever existed.

The American detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where al-Qaida and Taliban suspects were being held, was a concentration camp.

The US population had to accept responsibility for allowing an unelected president to take power and the British were exhausted from protesting and being ignored by Tony Blair, a "deluded idiot" Pinter hoped would resign.

Phil Carter has the latest interesting developments. Ken Layne reports that it's been going on longer than I suspected. This story calls Romenesko a blog, a characterization that some other stories seem to disagree with.

Matthew Hoy isn't happy with today's effort, either. If you want to read about it, you can go, well, pretty much anywhere else. I recommend this ESPN column by Gregg Easterbrook scroll past the basketball stuff , which makes this overdiscussed subject more palatable by including lots of photos of cheerleaders, "dancers," and beauty pageant contestants.

Due in August, the new ReplayTV series will remove the "Commercial Advance" and "Send Show" options present in models that are currently for sale.

This is to avoid angering the TV networks, apparently. He also points to this piece on biased gun reporting in the New York Times. Fox Butterfield's reporting -- the flaws in which have been pointed out here from time to time -- comes in for particular criticism.

I'm not sure what I think about this idea. Except for the open bar part. I just went out and asked the cops who are busy searching vehicles as they enter the Palais de Justice -- pretty thoroughly from the looks of it -- what precisely they were looking for, and what the helicopters were all about.

To my surprise, they told me that it had nothing to do with the strikes. It's all about the Elf trial.

Your readers may know that French prosecutors are trying to put the former president of Elf away for a good long time. The charge is that the former president, the marvellously-named Loik Le Floch-Prigent, conspired with his buddies to run a vast corruption network that bankrolled countless French politicians and unsavory African leaders.

There have been highly credible threats against the Palais de Justice, which is right outside my door, hence the choppers right above my head.

The alert is due to last until mid-July. Here's a link to the story: Pure, delicious sleazefest, Instapundit readers; enjoy:.

Link [Covered on Instapundit here ]. Bill just sent me this: It seems things got really ugly at the Place de la Concorde a few hours ago when the demonstrations against the pension reform scheme turned, yet again, violent.

Masked demonstrators barricaded the street, set dustbins on fire, and then launched bottles, sticks and rocks at the police.

One of those rocks connected with some poor photographer's head. He's been taken to the hospital, but evidently he'll probably be okay.

The police had to evacuate the area with teargas grenades and water cannons. I'll let you know if anything else happens. All of this is, of course, playing havoc with my afternoon nap schedule.

Readers who appreciate this reportage should consider buying her novel, Loose Lips, which will be out next week. The goddamned helicopters are seriously disturbing my wa.

It is now accompanied by the cacaphony of incessant police sirens. There are barricades on the street outside my apartment.

I can't hear myself think. My poor father had to walk miles today to get to an emergency medical appointment: I am beginning to have a great deal of fresh sympathy for Marie Antoinette's point of view.

I feel sorry for those guys. So I got in the car to run errands, and as soon as it started the radio came on and to my amazement I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about the "blogosphere.

Meanwhile here's a pretty good Business Week article on blogs, with a nice quote from Nick Denton: Here's somebody else who heard the same broadcast.

But don't worry -- the French are on the job in the Congo: A European military planner who was issued a copy of the French document said: Everybody is just laughing at it.

There is a horrid but obvious dynamic going on here: For the most part, Europeans volunteered. And so, at some deep level, there is a need to blame someone else for the shame of "European civilization.

To blame the Jews. This piece first appeared last year, but it seems even more appropriate today, as this sort of behavior becomes steadily more obvious.

But they're not fooling anybody -- except the willingly fooled, and those disappointed that things didn't work out as Hitler planned, of whom there are still plenty in Europe and elsewhere.

And as Rosenbaum notes: Why no "European peace activists" at the Seders of Netanya or the streets of Jerusalem? Instead, "European peace activists" do their best to protect the brave sponsors of the suicide bombers in Ramallah.

Glenn, I've been reading Instapundit for a long time -- I'm a writer and editor based in London now in fact, I can see the massive BBC towers from my back window.

Hitchens's piece on the British obsession with Wolfowitz is right on the money: Half the time they either misidentify or fail to identify his position.

Most frequently he "works in the Defense Department," which has a nice shadowy sound to it -- much more effective than "he works for Donald Rumsfeld," because these Wolfowitzian neocons only "work" for their own kind, right?

Naturally, when this is pointed out, they immediately go on the defensive, about how they're against racism and could never be anti-semitic and not all criticism of Israel is anti-semitic by the way, have you ever met or heard from anyone who said it was?

But this leads to a point about anti-Semitism that many -- particularly those among my fellow lefties -- fail to understand: Nazism does not define anti-Semitism.

Not being a Nazi doesn't mean one cannot under any circumstances be an anti-Semite. For some reason, this distinction is perfectly clear to anti-war lefties when talking about racism -- witness how frequently they accused Republicans or even war supporters of unconscious or institutional racism -- but when it comes to examining the anti-Semitic content of their own beliefs, it just doesn't get through.

BTW, here's the Hitchens post. I added this update here because of the Nazi point. I think that we're seeing two different, but related things: This is also driven, I think, by foreign policy concerns.

It's much harder to posture morally, suck up to the Arabs, and oppose Israel when confronting the facts that 1 Europeans did largely support the Holocaust; and 2 Arabs largely still do.

So the impulse is to explain it away by saying 1 the Holocaust wasn't that bad; 2 Israel is just as bad; and 3 see, Europeans aren't any worse than anyone else.

This is much the way Stalin-era Soviets responded to comments on genocide by saying "what about you Americans and your Red Indians?

Gene Healy has a nice piece on the federalization of crime, using the Jayson Blair case as a jumping-off point. James Comey, Orrin Hatch, and other officials pushing the expansion of federal jurisdiction ought to reacquaint themselves with the Founding documents.

Staying out of local affairs isn't only their legal responsibility as servants of the people sworn to uphold the Constitution. It could also be a matter of life and death.

As Nobel economist Milton Friedman has pointed out, when government begins to do what it should not, it ceases to do what it should.

That's a lesson we should have learned after September 11th. Williams' memo about Bin Laden-ist pilots-in-training disappeared down a bureaucratic black hole.

Meanwhile, according to the Los Angeles Times and other sources, the FBI was engaged in an month-long sting operation at a brothel in New Orleans that netted 12 prostitutes.

There are limited resources available to law enforcement and defense. Spend time and money pursuing prostitutes, arsonists, and dishonest reporters, and there are fewer resources available for the fight against Al Qaeda.

It's well past time for the federal government to get its priorities straight. He's absolutely right on this, and it seems clear that priorities are still askew.

It's hard to cut the Justice Department the slack it wants for the overwhelmingly important war on terror when the Justice Department itself doesn't seem to treat the war on terror as overwhelmingly important.

Here, by the way, is a link to an excellent ABA report on the federalization of crime, a subject that brings together folks as different as me, Gene Healy, Jeralyn Merritt, and Chief Justice Rehnquist.

Clayton Cramer has posts on this topic here and here. He says his traffic has gone down since then, but I rather suspect that's the end of the war, the coming of summer, etc.

But if popups have been keeping you away, be advised that his site is now popup free! Well, he is trying to turn himself into a self-sustaining media empire, and doing a pretty good job of it.

Donations around here, while much appreciated, were, er, rather a lot less. And that's okay, since I'm not trying to create a self-sustaining media empire.

But thanks to those who gave. I'm using the money for a series of sessions with a trainer who specializes in stretching exercises that remedy the problems caused by excessive computer use, something from which I definitely suffer.

Yeah, I know, it's a Red Queen's Race, using money from blogging to pay to remedy the problems caused by blogging. Michele, meanwhile, says that she can offer things that Andrew, fortunately, can't.

I'll bet her spine is more flexible than mine, too. The Guardian' s David Aronovitch takes the press to the woodshed over the bogus looting reports: So, there's the picture: And the only problem with it is that it's nonsense.

Not all of it, of course. There was some looting and damage to a small number of galleries and storerooms, and that is grievous enough.

But over the past six weeks it has gradually become clear that most of the objects which had been on display in the museum galleries were removed before the war.

Some of the most valuable went into bank vaults, where they were discovered last week. Eight thousand more have been found in boxes hidden "in a secret vault".

And several of the larger and most remarked items seem to have been spirited away long before the Americans arrived in Baghdad. This indictment of world journalism has caused some surprise to those who listened to George and others speak at the British Museum meeting.

One art historian, Dr Tom Flynn, now speaks of his "great bewilderment". Furious, I conclude two things from all this. The first is the credulousness of many western academics and others who cannot conceive that a plausible and intelligent fellow-professional might have been an apparatchiks of a fascist regime and a propagandist for his own past.

The second is that - these days - you cannot say anything too bad about the Yanks and not be believed. But the Yanks are understandably less and less interested in paying attention to the credulous and the dishonest folks who seem to make up the bulk of the critics.

But unlike in Sierra Leone in , when British troops remained in large numbers on the ground for months, the French commanders ordered their men to leave Liberia as soon as the foreign passport holders had been rounded up.

Literally, I'm afraid, in this case. Maybe I am wrong. But after years of defending Iran's nuclear program as peaceful, Russia appears to be undergoing an change in official thinking.

Khlopkov says of the enrichment facilities. Why the Russians would want a not-terribly-friendly-or-stable nuclear-armed power on their southern border has never made sense to me.

I guess they've just been unable to resist the lure of those big contracts. The last paragraph above also indicates just how hard it is to know what's going on in these programs from the outside.

It sounds as if the Iranians have managed to keep the Russians in the dark about the extent of their program even while buying a lot of expertise and materiel from them.

Videotapes showing people being tortured and executed by Saddam Hussein's regime are being bought on the streets of Baghdad by Iraqis anxious to trace missing relatives.

Most of the tapes date from the Shia Muslim insurgency that erupted after the first President George Bush urged Iraqis to overthrow the former Iraqi leader in the wake of the Gulf War.

A BBC correspondent who has seen some of the recordings says they are evidence of the atrocities of the former regime. Some of my lefty correspondents seem to think they're scoring points by noting that Saddam killed a lot of people because George H.

Bush didn't remove him in Saddam was left in power because Bush and Powell feared wrongly a backlash from Americans after the "highway of death" footage of killed Republican Guards aired on TV.

In addition there was -- misplaced -- concern that toppling Saddam would have been wrong, somehow, in light of the U. I felt at the time that it was a big mistake to leave Saddam in power, and I still do.

I don't quite understand, though, how people can say that we should have toppled him in , but that it was wrong to do so in AP - The FBI began draining a pond Monday in a search for evidence that the person who carried out the deadly anthrax-by-mail attacks in filled the envelopes with the deadly spores under water for his own protection.

The draining of the one-acre pond in the Frederick Municipal Forest is expected to take three to four weeks. The pond is 4 to 5 feet deep.

The work drew FBI agents, other law enforcement officials and contractors, who operated dump trucks and backhoes at the site several miles northwest of the city.

A generator and a pump were brought in, and a hose ran into the pond. Christopher Hitchens points out something noted here a while back, that the BBC seems to be making a.

You see the name in print, you hear it uttered quite a lot in American discussions, you then give a highly inflected rendition of your own.

In my young day, the BBC had a special department for the pronunciation of foreign names for the guidance of those commenting on Thailand, say, or Mongolia.

But this particular name is pronounced as it is spelled. On the one hand, you've got this: Our intelligence indicated that Iraq did possess weapons of mass destruction and was hiding them from the U.

On the other hand, there's this: Two of the highest-ranking leaders of Al Qaeda in American custody have told the C.

The former, of course, supports an Administration claim; the latter contradicts one. I think it would be interesting to have Jim Treacher do his own version.

In the meantime, there's always William Burton's statement to the world, which lives on even though his blog is now defunct.

That's the blog, not the forthcoming newspaper of the same name. Now Donald Luskin has some, too. Now Tom Maguire is fact-checking Luskin.

Collaboration between the military and Boston's mega-watt academic minds is nothing new. But nano-technology is a whole new world.

It's the science of objects far smaller than the width of a human hair. For instance, when Ms. Bruet use scanning-electron microscopes or atomic-force microscopes to look at the seashells, they see what looks like a wall of bricks.

The "bricks" are five microns long and one micron tall. A human hair is 80 microns wide. Nature, they explain, has taken relatively weak materials and created a structure - the brick wall - that is impressively tough.

Using nano-construction techniques, the ISN will eventually try to mimic that structure with super-strong materials, thus creating a lightweight - and bulletproof - substance.

Noah Shachtman wasn't as impressed as the CSM reporter. A commenter to Joe's post asks for "non-commentary sources" describing the subject. Here's an article from the Boston Globe on the subject.

For the past 23 years, federal courts have allowed victims of torture and other abuse to file claims under an obscure statute for violations of human rights norms, commonly known as the Alien Torts Claims Act.

Since a civil suit against a former Paraguayan police chief accused of torturing and killing a teenage boy, lawsuits have been filed against Ferdinand Marcos, former Philippine president; Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic; Al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden; and banks and other companies alleged to have profited from Nazi war crimes.

But the Justice Department, reflecting an emerging view among conservative legal scholars, argues in a page brief that such lawsuits frequently have no connection to the United States and may complicate foreign policy objectives by targeting allies, including nations helping to fight terrorism.

It said the law ''has been commandeered and transformed into a font of causes of action permitting aliens to bring human rights claims in United States courts, even when the disputes are wholly between foreign nationals and when the alleged injuries were incurred in a foreign country, often with no connection whatsoever with the United States.

The filing has prompted an outcry from human rights groups and some lawyers within the State Department, who say that such lawsuits should be encouraged.

American University law professor Diane Orentlicher said the brief amounted to ''a profound reversal'' on the part of the US government, which has previously been supportive or remained neutral in many alien torts cases.

I think Ashcroft's position on this is wrong, and that it shouldn't be that hard to distinguish between bogus and real suits.

On the other hand, the willingness of "international human rights" activists who are really anti-American to abuse human rights claims has become pretty apparent, with efforts to prosecute Tommy Franks, Tony Blair, etc.

And the story makes clear that the Bush Administration has become hostile to this sort of thing because it fears "activists" using it as a tool to harass the United States' anti-terrorism efforts.

So while I think that Ashcroft is wrong, I have to note that when a currency is debased, it becomes worth less.

The currency of international human rights has been debased. And as a result, it's worth less. Back when I took International Human Rights Law I remember the professor warning about pushing things too far -- the case in question, Filartiga, was pretty new then -- and this is why.

Circuit has opposed and the Seventh has doubted, rests on an implausible act of judicial lawmaking unhinged from an relevant act of Congresss.

The so-called Alien Tort Claims Act is a product of judicial imagination; the statute from which it is claimed to be derived did something completely different.

The Unocal case illustrates the shortcomings of this litigation strategy, apart from its lawlessness: The Burmese government is not being sued because it has sovereign immunity, and otal SA, the big oil company in bed with the Burmese government, is out of the suit because it has no contacts with California.

So Unocal, which has a minority interest in a joint venture and no active management role, is subjected to millions of dollars of litigation costs and potential liability.

No other country in the world authorizes such litigation. Geez, I'm with the justice dept on this one with the caveat that I think they could have made the point in the filing that the brand spanking new ICC in Brussells would be much better suited to this sort of suit.

That is what they claim to be there for, right? Apologies for the slur are not forthcoming, however. Roger Simon suspects the Museum staff of not being entirely forthcoming.

The initiative to pass this legislation came after federal prosecutors in Louisiana failed in their efforts to apply the existing crack-house statute to the owner of a concert venue where some illegal drug activity allegedly took place.

Read the whole thing. If you're interested, you should also read this brief from the New Orleans rave case full disclosure: One thing it makes clear is that the DEA has been after not just drug use, but the "rave scene," and electronic music in general, which it regards as part of a "drug culture" that it sees as a legitimate target.

I don't approve of this suit against the Federal government, but I have to admit that in light of the Rave Act it has a certain sauce-for-the-gander character.

Via The Curmudgeonly Clerk. The question is whether its long-term research operations are being raided to fund near-term operations.

My TechCentralStation column is up early this week. It contains constructive suggestions, a cautionary note from Nick Denton, and more!

Well, more than a few, actually. I'm working on a law review article about the regulation of nanotechnology, and I've been going through the mainstream media coverage of the subject.

The Times is way ahead of anyone else -- and I mean way ahead. Not only is the quality of its coverage excellent, but the sheer quantity outstrips everyone else by a mile.

This is the sort of thing that makes the Times great. And I suspect that I speak for a lot of people in saying that if Howell Raines, et al. I hope that the new editors will keep that in mind.

People don't criticize the Times because it isn't a national treasure. They -- or at least I -- criticize it because it is one, and recent zone-flooding on Augusta National, etc.

Er, feel free to donate here, too. But now The Telegraph is reporting the same thing. Aid agencies are alarmed by refugees' reports that children have been killed and corpses cut up by people desperate for food.

Requests by the United Nations World Food Programme WFP to be allowed access to "farmers' markets", where human meat is said to be traded, have been turned down by Pyongyang, citing "security reasons".

People know where they came from, but they don't talk about it. Oddly, however, the article speaks of starvation in North Korea as essentially a natural disaster, rather than a government-made one.

But I'll stand by one prediction I made a while back: When North Korea falls, and it will, and when the extent of the horrors there becomes widely known, many South Korean politicians will face a terrible reckoning as their complicity with evil becomes clear.

Maybe they think the same thing -- that would explain why they're trying to keep things quiet, wouldn't it?

Multiple perspectives via reader email: One remarkable fact in the terrible history of famine is no substantial famine has ever occurred in a country with a democratic form government and a relatively free press.

They have occurred in ancient kingdom and in contemporary authoritarian societies, in primitive tribal communities and in modern technocratic dictatorships, in colonial economies governed by imperialists and in newly independent countries run by despotic national leaders or by intolerant single parties.

But famines have never afflicted any country that is independent, holds regular elections, has opposition parties and permits newspapers to question the wisdom of government policies.

Cannibalism is increasing in North Korea following another poor harvest and a big cut in international food aid, according to refugees who have fled the stricken country.

The reporter is being polite. Dean Esmay offers some history. And here's a book on cannibalism in China during Mao's famines.

As the war on terrorism spurs U. Thousands of travelers have been flagged at airports for additional searches and police questioning -- while critics say real terrorists could slip through undetected.

The problem, critics say, is that the English-based name-search software used by airline-reservation databases is easily flummoxed by Arabic, Asian and other names that, when converted from their native script to the Roman alphabet, can have hundreds of legitimate different spellings.

Meanwhile, Carl Hiaasen outlines more dumbness. Then again, now that I've told you how long it is, you may not.

And here's a post with some constructive suggestions no, really for the new management at the New York Times.

Drop by and congratulate her. I think they're kind of right, and I'm going to talk about the role of the Internet in dissolving the Raines regime from the inside and outside simultaneously, in this week's TechCentralStation column.

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